Licensed and insured with 20 years experience in remodeling, landscaping, and construction. Dan Gastro brings passion to completing residential and commercial improvements. From your everyday handyman needs to larger projects such as building a deck or remodeling an existing structure, Dan has the drive and vision to complete the project on schedule. He cares about craftmanship and his work will leave you feeling good - and looking for more ways to improve your space!


Remodeling, tile, roofing, decks, patios, garages, doors, windows, kitchens, bathrooms, small service calls, and more.

We have the ideas and solutions to make your living quarters pop with pride. From framing an existing space to the finishing details of paint and trim, we will provide you with professional results. 

If you are looking to add value to your home or wanting to create an enjoyable outdoor living space, improved landscaping features can make it happen. Bring people together with an outdoor space.

Working as a contractor allows me to use my experience in construction, repair, and landscaping to bring a top quality service to any job. Home improvement projects vary in size but they all have the same effect, something to be proud of and something that you will enjoy day in and day out. I can help you get there.
— Dan Gastro

While working for large and small companies in the past, Dan Gastro acquired skills from various professionals in his field. He has done carpentry work for 20 years, perfecting his trade through observing others and first hand experience. Most recently Dan was an operations manager and crew leader for a landscaping team of over ten people. The skills he fine tuned while managing operations and being a crew leader gave him the confidence to go on his own and use the skills he learned over the years: building residential homes, restoring tile in commercial downtown buildings, landscaping, and home remodeling. He takes pride in his work and the relationship he fosters with clients. Dan knows what it takes to complete a top quality job. As a business owner he is proud to put his name on his work and help people obtain their dreams.